Becoming entrepreneurial: maximizing the impact of the Product Owner

This blog captures good practices I learned working as a Product Owner. Although targeted at organisations looking to enhance the impact and value delivered by their Product Owners, it also describes my personal view of the Product Owner – a pivotal role in organisations that aspire to become responsive to external and internal needs. Rather

28 Jan 2019

Modeling and the urban imaginary

Discussions on future cities and urban governance are replete with the notion of ‘smart’, which is currently biased towards an optimistic view of technological innovations. Indeed, technologies such as simulations and models are important ways to imagine and reimagine the future of cities. However, quantitative methods need to be augmented with qualitative methods in order

13 Apr 2018

Diplomacy in action

The journal Science & Technology Studies has published Diplomacy in Action: Latourian Politics and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an article on Bruno Latour and climate governance that I wrote in collaboration with Arthur Petersen (University College London). Work on this paper started as early as 2014, when I worked at PBL Netherlands Environmental

20 Feb 2018

Craft and the combinatorial

This is the first of an (as of yet) undefined number of posts about craft and its meaning in the realm of the material and the immaterial / informational. These posts draw on insights from philosophy, science and technology studies (STS), and empirical observations made during my work for various organizations in the areas of

06 Dec 2017

New position and publications

Today marks the first day of my new job at Sim-CI – a company that develops simulations aimed at increasing the resilience of critical infrastructures. Real-time insight and foresight in the performance of critical infrastructures and interdependencies enables resilient city design from a multidisciplinary perspective, and is a crucial component of Sim-CI’s activities. It’s a

01 May 2017

Exploring Everyday Futures

On July 14 and 15 2016, the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University (Lancaster, United Kingdom) organized a workshop entitled Everyday Futures. The objective of the workshop was to analyze how future everyday life is imagined, what factors shape the imagining of future everyday life, what interventions in this process of imagining could be

16 Jul 2016

How to study the smart city?

Over the past years, the notion of ‘smart city’ has become firmly entrenched in a variety of domains, including urban planning, policymaking, and science and technology studies, to name a few. Many of those working on smart cities stress the highly convoluted nature of the adjective ‘smart’, which contains a plurality of more and less

06 Jun 2016

Whose nature? Pluralism and environmental governance

‘Nature’ is a term that conjures up many different meanings. It may be seen as a resource of divine design replete with possibilities that mankind may tap into, or something to be experienced, preserved, or restored. Are these perspectives conflicting or complementary? On November 11 in 2015, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) hosted the

17 Nov 2015

Peaks, sites, and cycles – DEMAND Summer School 2015 (14-16 July 2015)

Understanding the temporal and spatial dynamics of energy and mobility demand is an important issue in the social sciences, and could, in more practical terms, contribute to reducing and managing peak loads in energy and mobility. But how can such an understanding be reached? The DEMAND center, an interdisciplinary group of researchers based at Lancaster

20 Aug 2015

Observations at the Robocup German Open 2015

The Robocup German Open is an annual event where professionals working on robotics and artificial intelligence showcase their latest innovations, exchange knowledge and ideas, and compete in various ways. Apart from rescue robots navigating complex terrain and providing assistance in simulated environments, such as a home and an industrial warehouse, the soccer match played by

28 Apr 2015