Call for papers: Bruno Latour and Environmental Governance

I have the honor of organizing a workshop with Arthur Petersen (Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy) and Theo Lorenc (Provost Fellow, University College London) on Bruno Latour and Environmental Governance. The workshop is meant to lead to a special issue for Science and Technology Studies, one of the leading journals in the field of Science and Technology Studies.

Some of the questions we intend to explore include the following:

  • How might the framework of the ‘Modes of Existence’ project of Latour’s other ontological inventions be used to understand the work of the IPCC or other institutions of environmental governance?
  • To what extent does Latour’s reading of democracy, and his attempt to bring non-humans into democracy, help us to understand the politics of environmental governance?
  • How does climate change, or environmental change more generally, unsettle our ontologies and require new forms of thinking?

More details on the call and the workshop itself can be found here: