New position and publications

Today marks the first day of my new job at Sim-CI – a company that develops simulations aimed at increasing the resilience of critical infrastructures. Real-time insight and foresight in the performance of critical infrastructures and interdependencies enables resilient city design from a multidisciplinary perspective, and is a crucial component of Sim-CI’s activities.

It’s a great honor and very exciting prospect to be working at Sim-CI – a position in which I hope to intertwine several interests and past activities pertaining to smart cities, simulations, and last but not least, studies of risk, vulnerability, and resilience.

As an important sidenote and excellent synchronicity, a number of pieces of writing of mine about simulations and smart cities have been published during the past months or (in the first case) will appear very shortly.

Validating models in the face of uncertainty. Geotechnical engineering and dike vulnerability in the Netherlands. A book chapter on modelling the structural integrity of dykes will appear in a volume edited by Matthias Heymann, Gabriele Gramelsberger, and Martin Mahony. This book, titled ‘Cultures of Prediction’, is part of the Earthscan series published by Routledge.

Kosmopolitiek en de slimme stad. An article on Isabelle Stengers and smart cities in nY, a Belgian journal, who devoted an entire issue to the work of this thinker of utmost importance. The article was written in Dutch, my mother tongue.

The Risk Equipment Deserves More Credit: Modeling, Epistemic Opacity, and Immersion. A paper on modelling and tinkering, processes by which users appropriate technologies to their own particular contexts, has been published in Technosphere.

Future-making: inclusive design and smart cities. A piece on citizen engagement and smart cities that was written in collaboration with Maureen Meadows of Coventry University.

Two additional publications are being prepared for publication and will appear in the coming months. One of these publications is a philosophical study of modelling practices as sites of collaboration between various social groups. In addition, a paper on Bruno Latour’s ‘modes of existence’ and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will be published. More details on this will follow in due time.