Bruno Latour’s ‘An Inquiry into Modes of Existence’

Latour’s latest book, ‘An Inquiry into Modes of Existence’ (AIME), has been sitting on my ‘to read’ pile for a while now. ‘We Have Never Been Modern’, published in 1991, is sometimes seen as Latour’s last attempt to construct a general ontology. I was quite looking forward to reading AIME after encountering an essay by

30 Apr 2014

Towards a Robust Realism? Simulation, Manuel Delanda, and Isabelle Stengers

Some ideas I had after reading Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic Reason, by Manuel DeLanda, Continuum Books, 2011, 226 pp. Truth or relevance? According to scholars working in Science and Technology Studies (STS), the objectivity of science is not so much an explanation for the validity of knowledge, but needs to be explained

21 Mar 2014

Thoughts on the 7th Infographics Conference, March 14 2014, Zeist (The Netherlands)

This year’s edition of the annual Infographics Conference featured presentations that were loosely connected by the possibilities attributed to personal data and visual representations thereof. Though I took home many things from the conference, I was mainly triggered to think about the role of designers, organizations, and technologies in the process of ‘teasing out’ worthwhile

15 Mar 2014