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Journal papers (peer-reviewed)

  • Kouw, Matthijs, and Arthur Petersen. 2018. “Diplomacy in Action: Latourian Politics and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.” Science & Technology Studies 31 (1): 52-68.
  • Naber, Rolf, Rob Raven, Matthijs Kouw, and Ton Dassen. 2017. “Scaling up Sustainable Energy Innovations? Smart Grids in the Netherlands.” Energy Policy 110: 342-354.
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  • Kouw, Matthijs. 2014. “Designing Communication: Politics and Practices of Participatory Water Quality Governance.” International Journal of Water Governance 2 (4): 37–52.

Journal papers (not peer-reviewed)

Book chapters

  • Kouw, Matthijs. 2017. “Validating Models in the Face of Uncertainty: Geotechnical Engineering and Dike Vulnerability in The Netherlands.” In Cultures of Prediction, edited by Matthias Heymann, Gabriele Gramelsberger, and Martin Mahony, 195-213. London: Routledge.
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Conference proceedings

  • Kouw, Matthijs, Lizette Pater, and Edo Schreuders. 2004. “No Fear or Hope but New Weapons: On Privacy and Technology.” In Challenges for the Citizen of the Information Society (Vol. 1 of Proceedings of the 7th International Conference Ethicomp 2004, 14-16th April, Syros, Greece), edited by T. W. Bynum, N. Pouloudi, S. Rogerson, and T. Spyrou, 550–57. Syros: University of the Aegean Press.

Book reviews

  • Kouw, Matthijs. 2017. “Water: Recensie van: René ten Bos (2015) Water, een geofilosofische geschiedenis. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Boom, 352 pp.” Krisis (2): 54-8
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